Monday, April 14, 2008

general idea

so being my first blog and all i thought i would have to type out more than what i just did earlier today. The reason for me getting one of these? well i don't really know but i am kind of intimidated by some deep people on here (not naming any names) that talk about important things. well i'll be writing just random things so you'll have to forgive me. Not saying that i don't like to get deep but probably won't have time to write all my deep thoughts down (because there are so many) =) well this is pretty exciting though christy kept telling me to get one and i told her i always would so now i am keeping my word and have gotten one. What's going on right now in my life? well I'm here at AFCOE and the four month program is going by so fast! It's already more than half way through and the evangelistic meetings have started. It's really exciting to see how evangelism takes place and how God works, but it's not easy. It takes so much work to get people to come to the meetings, it was hard enough for people to study the Bible. Unfortunately none of my contacts have come yet but I pray that they will. But if they don't it's exciting to see everyone else's come and for their lives to start changing. Some of them are in the process of doing that right now since the evangelistic meetings have been going on for about 3 days now. There is nothing better than to see lives change through Jesus. I pray that they will keep up the changing over these next few weeks as we get deeper into the Bible. I'm also gaining a big blessing from attending the meetings as well. Our speaker Eric Flickenger is really good at making things clear. This has really helped me in understanding our beliefs and Daniel and Revelation. I still was a little confused at how all the beast worked and what they meant but this past Sunday we studied it and it was really clear to me this time! I was really excited! AFCOE has been such a life changing experience and I'll have to tell more stories about our class later to fill you in on the details of what the AFCOE experience is really like. =)


Christy said...

yaaaayyy!!! I'm in your blog! How exciting! I'm so glad you finally started one. I'm looking forward to reading about all you fun adventures and random ramblings about life. miss ya!

Cindy said...

You are learning the joy of life in seeing others come to know Jesus. PTL! I'm still learning about how the beasts work after 52 years so don't worry, you will keep learning and each time you learn it will open a new part to you that you haven't seen before.
Paul said one plants, another water's and yet another will reap a harverst. Each time you do something for the Lord is like planting a seed and the Holy Spirit will nourish it and see that the individual has the most opportunity to accept Jesus into their lives. Who knows what will happen to the seeds you are planting. I am praying for you and for your contacts. Cindy