Thursday, May 1, 2008

detail #2

Well i can't not write about the one and only Sue Viko. This woman has been through thick and thin with me here at AFCOE while going door to door. She is the best outreach partner I could have asked for. She comes from down under (Australia) but she's definately very on top of things. =) I definately think that God led us to be together Sue has taught me alot of things. haha. Oh man! the stories I could tell, but I'll spare those. She's a one of a kind and I wouldn't trade her for anything!


Christy said...

oh! please tell the stories! pleaseee!!!???

Cindy said...

I agree with Christy...stories please...that's what makes blogs so interesting... Loved seeing you last weekend...all too short...wish I were also coming for the graduation!! Keep up the good work.