Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I was reading in Numbers 19 talking about the laws of purification and this was something that struck out to me.
When sacrificing the "red heifer" that was called for, there were three materials that went in as the fire was burning.

These three things were:
Cedar, Hyssop, and Scarlet
Looked these up in Strong's Concordance and here are the definitions I found---

Cedar-has a firmness of root which is unusual with the pine and also is wide-spreading
Hyssop-was a plant used for medicine
Scarlet-has a special process where it involves a insect that attaches itself to a tree and hatches from there never letting go once it's attached. The material that covers the insect is what we make silk out of.

These materials are all so different but yet they are all being thrown into the fire to help purify the heifer. These struck out to me as being the trinity.

The Father being the cedar which has a firmness of root and he wants to spread the gospel rapidly
The Holy Spirit being hyssop for it's healing in our lives and helping us not to tempting by the devil's snares
The Son being scarlet because he gave up his life to die on a tree so that we might use his grace in our lives.

This is just another representation that Jesus is in the Old Testament.

What do you think about it?

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Olivia said...

So glad I "randomly" check your blog this morning, Sar. That was such a cool thought. Never would have looked at it that way, but glad you stumbled across it!