Thursday, January 22, 2009

MLK day

MLK Day Included:
Going to Grace In Action

this is what it looks like.

What is it? It's hotel to help people that aren't well off get back on their feet. Helping them get a job, get clothes and have a place to stay. It's an awesome ministry that penny & tommy peak are leading out in and hope to own the hotel that they are using at the moment which 300,000 dollars is needed to own it. I really enjoyed my time there which consisted of organizing the clothing room. Emily, April, Janessa, Steph and myself sought to organize a room that was stacked with clothes! There were clothes stacked even in the bathroom! From mens to babies clothes it was alot and it was overwhelming but I like what janessa said, "It's better to have more clothes, than to have not enough." It was amazing how many pieces of clothing were donated. We didn't get all of it finished but I hope to go back and help out again. The owners are super sweet and really accepting of anyone who comes with willing hands.


Thomson said...

i think that you should keep using your talent for clothes as a ministry!!!!that would be really cool

stellad said...

On MLK day I was thinking about southern and how they do something to make an impact and how I miss that. Here in Korea we do but not in practical ways like sorting clothe for the needy. Thanks for sharing Thomson I hope you keep on writing!

stellad said...

lol. sorry sarah. I thought it was thomson's blog and then I saw how thomson left a comment so then I realized he wouldn't be the first person to comment on his own blog. I could have deleted my comment but I embrace my imperfections and I hope you can have a good laugh or just smile. :)