Sunday, January 18, 2009

Well, I've been told to write on this thing which I don't really like to do. I don't know somehow it scares me to write out my thoughts just so others can read them. I prefer the old fashioned way of letting my emotions out, through paper and pen. I do however want to keep those I love happy. So, I am going to get better at this blogging thing and start to write more of my everyday experiences down.

This weekend I went to Nashville with a old friend who I grew up with. It was fun times. On Friday night my home church had a agape feast and naturally I went. I had the priviledge of sitting by a little girl who didn't seem to like me at first. She practically ignored me as I ate my delicious food which was chicken salad sandwich and yummy potatoe soup. I tried the whole smiling thing, saying hi, but nothing seemed to work. So sad to say I did the same thing and ignored her, continuing to eat my soup and sandwhich. After the meal was over we had communion. So the men and the women separated and washed each other's feet. While I was having my feet washed this little girl and her Mom were sitting right next to me. I didn't want to try the whole smiling thing again so I was talking with my friend. While we were sitting there my friend found some marbles, two to be exact and starting rolling them around. The little girl was looking and seemed to be intrigued. I asked her if she wanted one, putting it in her hand. She looked at me and then the marble and said, "yes!" I then smiled and she smiled. I smiled even bigger and she smiled even bigger. She was pretty happy that she had gotten a present. When we got back to the tables she introduced me as her "new" friend. She told me her name was Maddy and I told her mine. How quickly the barriers were let down just by giving her that one small blue marble. At church the next day she wrote me a note saying this. To:Sara-my bestest friend. From: Maddy. It's funny how quickly she changed from not speaking to bestest friend.

yeah. not sure how to end this.

so the end.

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Thomson said...

wow, i like this one a lot. It is powerful tool in working with kids. I have had the same experience with a little kids at St. Augustine. yummy is a yummy word =). the blue marble a wonderful word picture and lesson. you are going to be a great teacher.