Sunday, December 12, 2010

Coats in detail

Well since getting a large request of (2) to explain more about the coats I will do so. :) I know this is annoying when people say this on blogs but I do have pictures and they will be coming. I'm currently at a internet cafe and don't have access to them but, as soon as I do they're going right on this very blog. Managed to accomplish getting 40 coats! Didn't think it was going to happen because of several reasons. One being that I had to go shopping in Mercado. Usually shopping sounds really exciting to me. But when it comes to shopping in Africa it's a whole new ball game. Mercado is one of the biggest markets in Africa so without a guide that knows the language and where everything is it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Luckily Dawit, one of the guys who works for the orphanage and lives in Addis was willing to help me out. This was the key in getting all the coats. Without this one man it would have never worked, so thanks Dawit! :) Finding 40 coats is also a difficult task especially when living in a small town, that's why I went to Addis since the little shops that are close to where I am wouldn't have had that many coats in stock. So we get to Mercado and it's packed, and we go to several different vendors since we wanted to get the best price. We finally settled on the fourth shop and that's when the bargaining began. I started out thinking that we were only going to get a few coats since I didn't really see much of a selection but I was pleasantly surprised. We picked out 10 coats and then he (shop keeper) would pull out more coats and then we got 10 more. Then another selection would be shown that was good so we got those too. By the time it was all over we only had to get 4 more coats for the littlest of the little kids. It was amazing! To explain the coats is a little difficult there a little lighter than a winter coat but look similar. Some are white with stripes across the chest and others are puffy with pink and purple (for the girls of course). You'll have to see a picture to get the full image in your head. The whole process was done in under two hours which I was really impressed by. We gave the kids their coats today and they were beaming. It was perfect timing for the weather here too since it's getting a little chilly in the nights. Today was also the last day at the orphanage so that was sad. It's crazy how much has gone on in the last four months. Have grown up alot but know I still have a long ways to go! Will miss the kids but know that God is leading my life and exciting for the road ahead.


Cindy said...

Thank you for the update on the coats. How did you get them back to the orphanage? So glad you got them delivered. Sounds like quite the shopping trip and Thank God for Dawit.

Jennifer said...

It's the largest open-air market in Africa!
Does this mean you're coming back?

April said...

Sarah, thanks for the update. I've been praying for you in my morning worships. I hope you are feeling better.