Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Here's a new post to you Mom. My only faithful reader. Haha. :) I am in Addis right now. Came with a Gimbie crowd that was headed to the airport. They picked us up at the orphanage on Sunday afternoon and we have been in Addis ever since. Why did I go to Addis? Well, some money was raised by some churches that wanted to give coats to the kids so I am here to buy them. Got to eat at a Mexican place two times while being here and it was EXCELLENTE!!!!! Wow, that's the one food I've been craving while being over here and this place hit the spot! Today is the day I'm going to buy 40 coats. I'm a little nervous about trying to find all these coats, but thankfully I have some trusty helpers (Olivia, Dawit). Wish me luck and hope you in the US are doing well.


Emily said...

I am a faithful reader too, Sarah! :-) Glad you are doing well. Have fun shopping. Sounds like a big project!

Cindy said...

Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the coats on the owners! Tell us how you purchased them, what they cost, what colors and material they are, how you transported them all back to Ambo, etc. details darling. Also, are you feeling better?
Love hearing from you! I love you(:

Jennifer said...

You have more readers than you think duh. So you're staying? Brittany said something about you maybe coming back for next semester. Are you getting the coats at Mercado? What a zoo. I miss Addis, though. I would also like to hear more about the coats. Does this mean you are feeeling better??? I miss you ex-suitemate! That is so exciting for your kids!!!